Sunday, September 11, 2016

Full context: THe Wareham Courier article

A selected portion of an answer I gave to a media member was published in the recent Wareham Courier. I am providing the full question and answer here to restore the context that was taken out in the article. I do knot know why the journalist chose to cut out any mention of administration responsibility for discipline.

"What instructions/training or provided by Wareham Public Schools to assist teachers in enforcing discipline among students?"

I'm surprised to receive this question, as this is the administration's determination of policy and procedure. However, I can say that the Wareham Public Schools are expected to operate according to the discipline code explained in each school's handbook, and enacted by the School Committee. At the secondary level, teachers have the right to assign detentions and in-classroom consequences to maintain discipline in class so all students can learn; at the elementary level, detentions can be assigned only by administrators. Educators may not assign in-school or out-of-school suspensions, or Friday after-school detention. Educators also may write discipline referrals, and administration is expected to assign consequences according to the discipline code. In urgent situations, educators are to try to reach an administrator for help. During those times no administrator is available

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