Thursday, December 5, 2013

Website updates and more

Sorry for the absence of news on this blog; I have been posting most new stuff on our WEA Facebook page with the help of Communications. 

The website has been updated with all relevant documents from the November and December board meetings.  Also, the board did vote unanimously in November to reject a proposed MoA on the Massachusetts Math + Science Insight grant.  The high school applied for this grant without performing the task of working with the Association.  Several members testified to the negative academic effects this program is having, distorting the educational progress at the behest of the grant's funders.  Since the vote, one member has come forward with a different opinion but at present the vote stands.

Unit C negotiations to succeed the contract that expired in August are still open.  Ground rules prevent discussion of the state of those negotiations in a publicly accessible mode such as this.

I am growing concern about the number and range of initiatives that seem to be implemented before the planning is complete.  The "Eighth Grade Academy" discussed in the recent School Committee meeting has potential as an idea, but it is curious to see a vote on something that remains so ill-defined.

Evaluations have had no notable change in form recently, and the evaluations committee has not met for several weeks.  As always, please contact me or another officer with concerns.